About Us

Designer’s Group

Designers Group is an Architectural Consulting Company formed in January 2009, and offers its clients a complete Architectural and Engineering Design Service, including all Engineering disciplines, such as Structural, Civil, Landscaping, Hardscaping, Interior Design etc.

Designers Group is the brain child of, Architect Saleem A.Qureshi, who is a 1975 graduate and has done his MBA in project management from US in 2002.

Projects completed since 1975 in Canada, Middle East and India include Commercial and Residential Buildings, Private Homes, Farm Houses, Shopping Malls, Community Service Centers, Naval and Military Base upgrades, Royal Airport Terminal, Restaurants, Banks, Hotels, Resorts, Palaces, Entertainment Parks, 18 Hole Golf Courses etc.

The list of projects completed shows the diversity and capability to handle all kinds of Design and Supervision challenges imposed by the various projects in many different parts of the world. Designers Group Hopes that their success continues with many more challenges and exciting opportunities with your continuous support and help.